The Contrivance Mead Club

The Ultimate Mead Club Has Landed!

As a member of the exclusive Contrivance Mead Club you will receive 12 bottles per year, split into four 3-bottle quarterly allocations/shipments. Some people would call this a “mead subscription” but we like the term club. To us it is much more than just you automatically buying a few bottles every quarter!
Member sign up is currently available! Once the open slots are full we will stop allowing new members to join. This is to keep the club operating smoothly and to ensure the best experience for all the existing members.


  • No membership fee. You pay nothing until your shipment/allocation is ready.
  • 20% discount on all bottles purchased online or in the tasting room.
  • $10 shipping discount for your club order (if you’re too far away to come visit).
  • All allocations can be customized!
  • Access to club-only releases and early access to products.
  • Keep yourself stocked up with delicious Contrivance Mead.
  • We’ll teach you the secret handshake

mead bottles in front of a brick wall with Contrivance sign in the background

Customize Your Club

There’s always a flavor you don’t care for in any meadery’s product lineup. That’s why we make so many different kinds of mead. With the Contrivance Club you can swap out bottles you don’t want, and add more bottles of the things you do. As long as you meet the 3-bottle minimum you can add as many bottles as you want (your spouse called and said it was ok!) Your member discount will also apply to all additional bottles as well as any bottles purchased in the tasting room. With this subscription you will never be forced to buy a bottle that you already know you don’t want.

The Details

  • You will be notified prior to being charged for your allocation, giving you time to make corrections to your order, shipping/billing details, etc.
  • Approximate shipment dates are February 15th, May 15th, August 15th, and November 15th (subject to slight adjustments due to unforeseen circumstances, product availability, etc)
  • Since your order can be customized, and bottle prices not always being the same, the exact cost of a allocation will vary. (see below)

blackberry mead bottle with steampunk hat

What’s the price?

The price will be based on the retail price of the bottles chosen, minus your 20% discount. This means it may vary a bit depending on the price and size of the bottles included.
We understand this is kind of vague so here are some examples:

  • If your order/allocation was 3x $22 bottles, the price would be 3 x 22 x 0.80 = $52.80 + tax + discounted shipping (if applicable).
  • If it was 3x $30 bottles it would be $72 + tax + discounted shipping (if applicable).

The shipments should all end up somewhere in between those 2 prices. Of course we’d prefer to avoid surprising people with an order they may not be able to afford, so we will do our best to keep it reasonable.

Ok you convinced me! Sign me up!