Traditional Mead

A traditional mead is one that is made with just honey, water, and yeast. It is not supposed to have any other fruits or flavors added (not even oak!).
We named our traditional mead Zephyr since we have to be steampunk about everything and it seemed like as good a name as any. It means “a soft gentle breeze” which is perfectly suited to a mead this delicate and simple. One variety of honey, water, yeast, and time. It is truly the ultimate test of a mead makers ability and process. You cannot hide mistakes behind fruit and spices. If you ferment it too warm everybody will know.

Zephyr batch #1 is made from mixed berry blossom honey and is sweet (but not syrupy cloying sweet). We had many customers that either did not want fruity mead or could not drink it due to allergies. We finally caved and set sail on our Zephyr journey to see what we could come up with. I have to say that it was everything we hoped it would be and we are looking forward to making more in the future. Most of the first batch ended up getting turned into Bah Honeybug before it made it into bottles. Expect future batches with with other honey varieties.

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