Blueberry Mead

The blueberry mead was the first melomel (fruit mead) that we made at Contrivance. It was also the first batch that we ever sold out of (see photo below).
It started with a super dark earthy organic wildflower honey and lots and lots of blueberries. The earthy honey and earthy berries really complimented each other to create something special, like your grandparents but without all the nagging.

I’m not a big fan of blueberries. If someone sets a bowl of them on the counter in front of me I probably won’t eat any. That being said, this mead was good. Every time I’ve made blueberry mead it has been delicious. I’m not sure how that happens. It’s like the yeast do some magic that makes the berries not taste weird to me any more. Or maybe I just don’t care because I’m drinking mead? Perhaps it is both.

One interesting thing is that the blue berry mead wasn’t blue. The color is all in the skins (kind of like red wine grapes). The resulting mead is red just like all the other melomels I make. It really is quite odd how blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry meads are all almost identical in color. I think that must be a glitch in the matrix because it makes no sense.

Despite it selling out so fast, the good news is we made more!

Blueberries were fermented with honey, then more blueberries were added because we’re out of control. The result is a tasty earthy delight that is sure to please any fan of tasty blue berries.

This is sweet.