Blackberry Mead

What happens when you take delicious local honey and combine it with hundreds of pounds of locally grown blackberries from a farm in Puyallup, WA then age it in red wine barrels? Magic. Pure magic.
This mead is fermented clover and mixed berry honeys, with loads of fruit. While it is definitely on the sweet end of our sweetness scale, it is magically balanced between the alcohol (14%), acid, and sweetness. People that say they don’t like sweet stuff still quite often pick this one as their favorite. We quietly nod and accept their money. They’ll be on the way home wondering how they ended up buying 3 bottles of sweet mead right after saying they wouldn’t like it. Your secret is safe with us. Nobody has to know.

The Contrivance Blackberry Mead packs that “big berry energy” but is unbelievably smooth at the same time.
Our Blackberry Mead won a gold medal at the 2022 Washington Wine Awards and a bronze medal at the 2022 National Honey Board Mead Competition!

2022 Washington Wine Awards Gold Medal Winner
2022 National Honey Board Mead Competition Bronze Medal Winner

This is our favorite mead we have ever made. Is it the best mead we’ve made? Only you can decide, but we definitely think so.