Blueberry Pancake Mead

We made an amazing batch of blueberry mead that was the first batch we ever sold out of. Before that batch was finished we took some of it and set it aside to make what would become our Blueberry Pancake Mead.

Organic Wildflower and mixed berry honeys combined with lots of blueberries were fermented together to create the base. Graham crackers were added for flavor, giving it bread and cinnamon spice notes. Then we went way overboard and sweetened it with real maple syrup.

Have you ever tried to filter graham cracker crumbs out of a liquid? We strongly recommend against it, however the result is a deliciously drinkable contrivance that we like to call a “breakfast mead” (we don’t judge). This one is sweet but is certainly not syrup despite having lots of maple syrup in it. The maple flavor is there but it isn’t hitting you in the face like a sledgehammer. It has been accused of having a very well balanced flavor profile.

Make sure to pick up multiple bottles, because this one tends to vanish from your glass somehow.