Dry Mixed Berry Mead

So it turns out there are people out there that don’t like sweet stuff, no matter how delicious we make it. They stormed the meadery one day with pitchforks* demanding that we make something that isn’t sweet that they can enjoy. Ok ok so they didn’t bring pitchforks, but they did ask nicely. We decided to give it a go and made a batch of mead with strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. What made us use that combination of berries you ask? Well it was carefully calculated and planned down to the exact ratio of each fruit. It’s either that or it’s what we had available at the time and just threw it all into a tank (who can remember). Thus the D.M.B. was born!

It was left to age for many months then forgotten. Eventually an archeologist came through the meadery and discovered a tank hiding in the corner containing an amazingly smooth substance that needed to be shared with the world. Since having everyone dip their hands in a tank to drink from it isn’t sanitary we decided to put it into bottles that people could take back to their homes and enjoy at their own convenience. Then they can drink it in whichever strange ways they want.

We created the prototype series label just for this. When people ask us what it’s like we tell them it’s like a rosé without so much acid. I’m not sure if that’s really an accurate description but it’s the best one we have.

Since this has a good amount of alcohol in it but without the sugar, it also makes a good base for a cocktail where you can add something sweeter (fruit juice, liqueurs, etc) to it without it ending up too sweet.