Torchberry – Raspberry Chipotle Mead

This is our prototype series release of raspberry chipotle mead, which we have named Torchberry. Mixed berry honey and lots of raspberries combine to form a nice fruity base, to which we added smoked jalapeno peppers (chipotle) and a bit of oak. It has a wonderful smoky flavor from the peppers rather than being just hot with no personality (are we still talking about mead??). This one is sure to satisfy the capsaicin fans, but is not so hot that normal humans can’t enjoy it also. We’ve all tried those meads that are so spicy you can’t even enjoy a whole glass of it. That is definitely not the case here. It has just a bit of sweetness from unfermented raspberries to help tame the heat. I would call it semi-sweet. That being said, it is on the drier end of our usual sweetness spectrum.

If you’re looking for a flamethrower drink to make you sorry you were ever born, this is probably not the mead for you. You can actually enjoy a glass or two of torchberry with NO REGRETS later (you know what I mean).

Since this has peppers and fruit that would technically make it a capsicumel/melomel…. hmm. Capsicumelomel? Hah.